A Place for Shadows

by Ghodi

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Oliver Mason - Music
Oscar Lewis - Artwork

Engineered by Daniel Martin.

Original artwork and animations by Oscar Lewis:

Original front cover album artwork by Sam Houston:


released August 4, 2013

Praise to Federico Reuben, Keith Michael, Jim Aitchison, Mike Rofe, Chris Best, Dee Ferrett, Antti Saario, Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris, Daniel Martin and Alisa Leimane.

Special thanks to Daniel Martin for engineering the recording of the Gamelan instruments featured in this album and for his creative support.

Composed, Recorded and Mixed in Cornwall between the months of February-May 2013 by Oliver Mason.

Mastered in Cornwall and Herefordshire between the months of May-August, 2013 by Oliver Mason.

Copyright Ghodi 2013.



all rights reserved


Ghodi UK

Sound Design and Mastering

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Track Name: Mirroring the Imaginary
During the ages of 6-18 months, one is fascinated by having the ability to recognise one’s own image in any reflective surface. As one tries to control and play with it, the love for one’s own body image precedes the love for others. Subsequently, one feels alienated due to the realisation that one is a separate entity to the mother figure.

These reflective processes are believed to be responsible for human characteristics such as self-consciousness, self-distortion, rivalry, jealousy, aggressiveness and narcissism.
Track Name: A Place for Shadows
Carl Jung referred to the entirety of the unconscious as the shadow self and believed that it is the store of everything one is not fully aware of during waking life. It represents aspects of the personality that one chooses to repress or ignore due to shame or embarrassment, thus allowing one to conveniently function in society.

Only when one has learned to recognise, confront and integrate aspects of the hidden shadow twin may one be truly in control of their behaviour, preventing unconscious material from ever erupting uninvited into conscious life.
Track Name: Menagerie
'Loss of instinct is the source of endless error and confusion'
- Carl G. Jung
Track Name: The Eternal Onlooker
Upon recognition of one’s Self one is immediately and forever subject to feelings of separation and alienation. These feelings are unavoidable and untrascendable, as the existence of the unconscious never diminishes.